Farrah See Goes to Church

Farrah See arrived at church fashionably late; after all, she didn’t want to be seen as a legalist. She wore dress jeans and a cute but unassuming top after deciding against nicer clothes that might appear pretentious. She settled in the middle of the sanctuary—not so near the front as to appear self-seeking, and not so near the back that she would seem uninterested.

As she knelt with the congregation for prayer, she caught sight of Paula Cann and frowned in disgust. Not only was the little brown-noser sitting in the first pew where everyone could see her, she was even going up front for the pastoral prayer. And just look at her clothes!  Chanel suit, Gucci handbag, and … was that really those new Jimmy Choo shoes?

Honestly, some people were so hung up on impressing others! She would never be so proud as to wear designer clothes to church!

* * *

Paula Cann had dressed in her finest clothing that morning, for she wished to honor the King who had called her into His presence. Wishing to miss nothing, she had arrived early and sat right up front.



As she sat there, gazing up at the stained glass portrayal of the crucified Christ, she came to a new appreciation of that familiar scene. She noted the wicked thorns piercing His innocent brow, the thick nails impaling His righteous hands, and the blood dripping down His kind face—and she saw that it was her sins that His blood was meant to cover.

So when the elder invited those wishing special prayer to come forward, Paula went, overwhelmed by a deep sense of her own unworthiness. She knelt in gratitude at the foot of her Savior’s cross, tears moistening her eyes. Dear God, she prayed, please forgive me and change me into Your image–not because I deserve it, but because of Your great mercy.

“I tell you that this [one], rather than the other, went home justified before God” because “the Lord looks at the heart” (Luke 18:14; I Samuel 16:7, NIV).

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