Second Book “Done”

DSCN0543I’ve just “finished” the second book of the Race trilogy, Finishing the Race! In it, the Damours guide Chris & Susana as they finish graduate school, start careers, and have a family — all while dodging Stan & Camille’s mischief. Copies of the manuscript are have just gone out to my wonderfully long-suffering band of early readers.

When I say the manuscript is finished, I’m kind of crossing my fingers behind my back. In truth, this just means that the book is about as good as I can get it without help. When it comes back from this group of readers, there will be revisions necessary based on their feedback. I also need to make a trip up to Stanford to scope out Chris & Susana’s new home turf; based on that trip, I’ll almost certainly need to make changes to update my mental picture of the area. Then, if the publisher accepts the manuscript, there will be more revisions necessary after their editors review it.

I hear that some authors get discouraged at all the revising that goes into completing a book. For my part, I thank God for the conscientious work of so many people! Particularly in the case of an allegory, it’s scary how easily one can say something she doesn’t mean about the character of God. These are the people who catch the nuanced meanings I never intended.

So, thank you again, long-suffering Early Readers!

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  1. Felicia Alvarez
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 13:35:31

    Great news! Praise God for your faithfulness!



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