Reader Question: Can Josh read minds?

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Okay, so apparently I’m not posting enough. I’m going to try to be better about that. It also occurs to me that, if one person has a question, maybe more of you have the same question and I should post those answers. So here’s the answer to a question from James: Can Josh read minds? Is this what he’s doing when he seems to be questioning Chris’s thoughts?

These are really two different questions. The answer to the first—Can Josh read minds?—is a simple Yes. Josh is Deón, and the Deón are able to read minds. But that’s not what he is doing here. In fact, he only truly reads Chris’s mind once in the first book.

Chris is a particularly transparent individual—a trait that Josh appreciates and that Stan considers a weakness. So Josh is usually merely reading Chris’s body language. Between his knowledge of Chris’s history and of how humans think, this is enough for him to accurately deduce what Chris is thinking.

Throughout the books, Josh seems reluctant to invade thoughts uninvited. On other occasions, Debora and Doug also seem to confine their knowledge to what the individual tells them. There are at least two reasons why they do this. One is their respect for the person’s power of choice; if she won’t give the information up voluntarily, they don’t “steal” it, so to speak. Another is that they know the person must be willing to confess something before she can make changes. There are probably other reasons, too; I’d love to hear them if you have any ideas!

What’s that—you want to know where the one place is that Josh does read Chris’s mind? That’s in Chapter 32 (“Promises”), during the interview between Stan and Chris. Here, Chris is doing his best to make contact with Josh, but is physically unable to do so. Josh senses Chris’s call for help, reads his mind, and suggests the answers he needs directly into his mind. Throughout the books, this is the one circumstance in which the Deón do freely read minds—when the individual needs help, but is physically unable to call for it.

By the way, the mind-song rescue in Chapter 32 is not something I invented — it’s based on a real life miracle … which I would tell you about except that I’m out of time.

Oh, that’s mean, isn’t it? Okay—next post. I promise.

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