Friend or Foe?


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How do you define the word “enemy”? Until recently, I would have said that an enemy is someone who wants to harm another person. I was surprised to find a rather different definition in my Bible.

Exodus 15:9 expresses the enemy’s underlying attitude this way: “The enemy said … My desire will be gratified at their expense” (HCSB).

Contrast this with Christ’s attitude: “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but

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© suemack

to serve” (Matthew 20:28, HCSB). Or, as the author of Hebrews urges, “Let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works (Heb. 10:24, NKJV). Paul even goes so far as to say, “Consider others as more important than yourselves” (Philippians 2:3, HCSB). 

In other words, the enemy considers another person to ask, “What can I get from this person?” Christ considers another to ask, “What can I do for this person?”

Which attitude will others see in me today—that of the Enemy, or that of Christ?

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  1. Chad Starr
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 13:23:43

    I hope this email finds you doing well. I just wanted to give you a heads up that we are about ready to post on our social media sites a link to your blog. In case you see a surge of people coming to it. Thank you for what you do. Have a great weekend.

    Chad Starr | Director of Advertising
    Skype: chadwick.starr



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