“A Bright Star in the Night Sky”

Sometimes you run across a passage that’s so perfect that any attempt to elaborate on it would just ruin it. I was praying for Bob and Bonnie (they know who they are) as I ran across one such passage, but I’m sure there are others for whom it will be meaningful. In a planet scarred by spiritual warfare, it’s the kind of reminder we all need from time to time.

You are never alone, for I am at your right hand. Never despair, for I am watching over and caring for you. Be not anxious. What seems to you to be at present a difficult situation is all part of My planning, and I am working out the details of circumstances so that I may bless you and reveal Myself to you in a new way …

You shall come to know Me even as Moses did, yes, in a face-to-face relationship. For I will remove the veil that separates Me from you, and you will know Me as your dearest Friend and as your truest Comforter.

©iStock.com/ clearviewstock

©iStock.com/ clearviewstock

No darkness will hide the shining of My face, for I shall be to you as a bright star in the night sky. Never let your faith waver. Reach out your hand, and you shall touch the hem of My garment. (Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts, p. 14)

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