Update – Keeping the Faith

DSCN0543I received word back from Pacific Press regarding publication of the second book in the Race trilogy, Keeping the Faith. Seems it cleared their editorial staff but not their sales staff. Translation: No. (A nice no, as nos go, but still a no.)

So I’ll be doing some prayerful research and regrouping — I’m just not sure where to take this book from here. I’ve known for some time that I need to get more savvy about book sales and marketing, because I’m truly terrible at sales. As a kid, I was always the sap that ended up buying everyone else’s candy bars rather than selling my own. It’s generally seemed wiser (and less expensive) for me to stay away from that particular field since then. But since this book has twice been tripped up at the marketing level (rather than from a deficiency in the writing), I’m guessing that’s where I need to look for a solution. I just hope I don’t buy too many candy bars along the way!


What do you think?

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