The Race: An Allegory

Layout 1Twenty-two year-old Chris Strider is living a double life, and doing it so well that he’s even fooled himself. A talented track star, he has nonetheless never completely accepted the values and laws of running. This discrepancy catches up to him when he enters a prestigious 6,000-mile footrace in fulfillment of a vow made to his dying Native grandmother. As Chris quickly learns, his insistence on running in his own way merely strengthens the position of his enemies—who are not only ruthlessly committed to seeing him fail, but would be very happy to see him dead.

Based on the biblical comparison of the Christian life to running, this allegorical novel follows one headstrong runner as he doggedly pursues his impossible goal despite having all the resources of the country’s richest man directed against him. Will the journey kill him, or will it transform him from a nominal runner into a fully committed athlete?

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