Behind the Scenes



This section is for those who want to know what’s happening behind the curtain—why characters behave as they do, how things happen, and the like. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question here, send me the question, and I’ll add the answer to this list.

Spoiler Alert: Reading this before you finish the first book may ruin some surprises!

Chapter 1: 

  • What’s going on with Chris’s father?
  • Why is Ben so reluctant to talk about running? 

Chapter 2:

  • Are Paradisians really a higher life form than humans? 
  • What’s this company/entity management thing?
  • What are these “flags” Camille mentions? 

Chapter 3:

  • How can Doug be so involved in so many different lives at once?
  • How can the transmitters do everything they do and still be no bigger than a quarter?
  • What’s behind Stan’s bizarre quirk of not wanting his picture printed?

Chapter 5:

  • Did Josh really learn about long-distance running from the Rarámuri?
  • Can Josh read minds? 
  • What’s going on with Benny—why does he seem so hostile?

Chapter 7:

  • So, Camille’s system of personality assessment …?

 Chapter 8:

  • Why do Josh and Debora obtain doctorates in certain fields?
  • So what are the Paradisian Guards doing when they’re hanging around Chris?
  • Why don’t Moden’s people just kill the runners they’re concerned about?
  • Why can’t Tony, Stan, and the other exiles say Doug’s first name?

 Chapter 10:

  • Why doesn’t Doug’s or Josh’s voices set off the bell at the slave camp?

Chapter 11:

  • How can Josh’s gold “rope” hold Chris if it wouldn’t hold a rabbit?
  • Is Doug’s voice actually painful to Tony?
  • Then why isn’t Doug’s voice painful to humans who have accepted kanuf?  
  • What is the salve with which Josh treats wounds from the darts?

 Chapter 12:

  • Is Stan actually reading Chris’s mind?
  • Stan seems to have a good knowledge of The Runner’s Manual. Why?
  • What causes static over the transmitter?

 Chapter 14:

  • What does Josh mean when he says that “pound for pound, lashani is much stronger than kanuf”?

 Chapter 16:

  • So, what crisis caused Stan’s uncharacteristic doubt?

 Chapter 20:

  • Why does Josh leave the room when he gives Chris the glasses to see the J-waves?

Chapter 22:

  • Susana claims that she’s forgiven Chris even while she’s still angry, yet she refuses to renew their relationship. Is this real forgiveness?

 Chapter 24:

  • How does Josh change Juan Misi’s necklace?
  • What’s going on with Susana in this scene?
  • So, if the transmitter is required in the process of the Awakening, can people who have been separated from the transmitter by decapitation or cremation still be resurrected?
  • Then why can’t just anyone be raised in the Awakening by putting on a transmitter, even if he never uses it?
  • Why does Josh suggest that Doug is different than him—aren’t they the same?

Chapter 27:

  • Chris refers to Josh breaking rules; does Josh break Doug’s Laws?
  • When Josh gives Chris energy, is he using a link like the one Stan and Camille share?

Chapter 29:

  • Why does Stan obey Doug’s hands-off orders?
  • Then why doesn’t Doug just issue hands-off orders on all his runners? 
  • How does Garrick get away with speaking so freely to Camille?

Chapter 32:

  • What kind of hypnosis is Stan using on Chris?


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