Chapter 7

So, Camille’s system of personality assessment …?



Yeah, don’t get hung up on this. It seems complicated, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s also not particularly important, except to the people at Moden Industries.

Camille’s classification system facilitates the process of dehumanizing people, reducing them to mere tools in order to best predict how Doug will use them. This helps her know who to keep apart, what manipulations a person is most likely to fall for, etc. The system has served her well through the centuries, but part of its usefulness is that it’s really very simple. It classifies people on only two fronts: 1) their natural place within a group; and 2) their outstanding natural talent. In this instance, she applies terms that are really quite straightforward—no euphemisms here.

Here are the translations for the people she mentions:

Ben Strider: Connector-Innovator

  • Connector: a people person—makes friends easily; brings people together
  • Innovator: an idea-man—dreams up (but doesn’t always implement) new ideas, systems, inventions, etc.

Chris Strider: Leader-Activator

  • Leader: the person others tend to look to for leadership; is comfortable in the role of leader
  • Activator: activates (implements) ideas—turns ideas into reality; makes things work

Mike Strider: Supporter-Manager

  • Supporter: the guy behind the scenes; supports the leader by carrying through on details
  • Manager: keeps things running smoothly; great with organizing things and/or people

Susana López: Connector-Catalyst

  • Connector: makes friends easily, connects people
  • Catalyst: helps others uncover and develop their talents

Are you wondering about some of the other characters? Here are more of Camille’s classifications:

Stan Moden: Leader-Innovator/Activator (both dreams and implements; a rare personality type)

Camille Desmon: Supporter-Catalyst

Garrick Sondem: Leader-Innovator

Benny Strider: Follower-Laborer (follows the recognized leader; enjoys getting things done)

Steve Strider: Independent-Jester (marches to his own drummer; challenges the accepted view)

Rosie Strider: Follower-Caretaker (follows the recognized leader; enjoys caring for people)

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