Deleted Scenes

The Race is only part of Chris’s story, but you can read more about him here if you want to!



The scenes that follow were either those I cut because they turned out to be unnecessary or those I wrote only for my own benefit in the first place (that is, to know how something had happened in the past in order to accurately document Chris’s story during the race). The scene numbers will show you where the scene fits into the published book.

I extracted these scenes before the final manuscript, so you may find occasional inconsistencies (probably in the timeline) between them and the published version of the book. And if you get an occasional feeling of déjà vu, it’s because I sometimes used parts of these scenes elsewhere after I’d decided to delete them.

As you might guess from the Epilogue, Chris hasn’t seen the last of Stan and Camille. Stay tuned for the two sequels that document the rest of his adventures all the way through the millennium!

SPOILER ALERT:   Reading these scenes before you finish The Race may spoil some of the surprises!

Chapter 0: In the E.R.

Chapter 0: Decisions, Decisions

Chapter 2: Stan Rallies the Steering Committee

Chapter 10: In Urgent Care (Nevada)

Chapter 12: Ted & Mary

Chapter 16: Patric’s Six Expectations

Chapter 17: Susana’s Return (Texas)

Chapter 18: Beach Dream

Chapter 21 1/2: Listening

Chapter 27: The Morning After Susana’s Attack

Chapter 29 1/2: Troubled

Chapter 28: Rosie’s Wedding & Susana’s Gift

Chapter 33: The Trial

Alternate Epilogue: Tony’s Failure

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