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I hope The Race will generate within you a burning desire to know more of God and His Word. If so, you might wonder how to get started with reading the Bible.

My favorite book is the Gospel of John, and I think that’s a great place to start. From there, you can just keep reading through the rest of the New Testament and then swing back around to the Old Testament.

Another good way to start, especially if you’re not yet that familiar with the Bible, is to take a more topical approach. There are some great (free!) Bible studies just a mouse-click away. These bring together the verses on a given topic that are scattered throughout the Bible. A couple of these series can be found at Amazing Facts (http://www.amazingfacts.org/ – “Bible Study”) and It Is Written (http://www.itiswritten.com/ – “Bible Studies”).

You might also be interested in more of a community approach to studying. If so, check out Revived By His Word, a program in which people all over the world study the same chapter of the Bible on a given day. This website comes complete with thoughts on the chapter from pastors. If you like bookmarks, here’s a set you can print off onto card stock to help you follow the program: Revived by His Word Reading Plan.

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